Most people think it makes no difference which day they observe the sabbath command, or whether they keep it at all. Of course, if there is no god—and the bible is just the work of mortal men—then it doesn’t matter which day we observe. But if there is a god, and if the holy bible is his authoritative word, then it certainly does matter which day we observe!
• Few realize it today, but the Sabbath-versus-sunday controversy raged during the first three centuries of the Christian era. Violence and bloodshed mounted. Millions were tortured and put to death over this question. Who is right? And, after all, does it make any difference?
• God does not say to create your own holy day and worship on that day. He specifically says to remember the Sabbath day and “keep” it holy. It’s not up to men to choose which day they want to observe—god commands that the Sabbath is kept holy, and he explains how to keep it holy!
• Do we diligently try to see what god expects of us on the Sabbath, or do we have our own formula for observance?
•The seventh-day Sabbath was made for man—as a blessing to man! It was made to be enjoyed—to be spiritually refreshed in blessed fellowship and communion with Christ! Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath while he lived as a human on earth. Whole chapters in the four gospels are devoted to recording how he taught us to keep the Sabbath.

5. The school of Jesus: the church of God


                Jesus had no religion and he did not start the religion called the Christianity. Jesus founded a church, which was a school for his disciples to learn his way of life based on love. He was a teacher. The church of God was primarily a school started with 12 students. Jesus told his 12 disciples to go into the world and make disciples. Jesus Christ’s disciple is called a Christian.

                It all started with Jesus teaching of gospel (good news) and whoever believes in his gospel and repents, will get an admission into the school of Jesus. According to Jesus, all of the mankind has been suffering unnecessarily under the unseen evil government, so he came to deliver and bring them under the Creator’s Government, a crystal clear government based on love. Good news is the kingdom of God (Government of Creator) is very near, and the unseen evil government going to end.

                Whoever believes his good news, accepts his call to come under the Creator’s Government becomes his church member (He will be renewed in mind and will be given the gift of Creator’s mind (spirit) upon the baptism in the name of Jesus.). Jesus is the living head of the church. Church is called body of Jesus Christ. His message is a spiritual message, promising eternal blessings and physical health and mental peace. Church teaches to follow the God’s way of life based on His instructions (Law). Jesus teachings were based on the love (love your creator and love your neighbor as yourself).

                Church announces the good news of the Jesus to the whole world. But it teaches all the instructions and lessons only to the disciples. It teaches that Jesus will come to earth second time to fulfill his good news. He will establish the Government of Creator on this earth and all his disciples will become the part of his government.


4. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: Isaiah 9:6

                    According to the Bible….When the first man (Adam) missed the opportunity to choose the life then the Creator created one more opportunity for the man to choose life. That opportunity was –the Son of the Creator (Second Adam).  The Creator made his son as the only way to choose Life. Actually, the Second Adam is revealing 2 things to the mankind. One is the great purpose of man and other is a way to choose life with consciousness.

                    The Second Adam became a normal mortal man and lived a life according to the Creator’s instructions (Law). He was son of man too. But the only difference was, he was having the Creator’s mind (spirit) in him. He was also tempted in all the directions by the fallen angels and but he overcome all the evil deceptions. There was a possibility that he can also fail to choose life but he succeeded with the help of Creator’s mind (spirit). The Creator created himself in his mortal Second Adam successfully. The Second Adam and the Creator were became ONE in mind (spirit).

                    As an act of grace, the Creator had opened same blessing to all the mankind. But man was still in the carnal (sinful) mind and totally unaware of his incredible potential. The son of Creator started his earthly ministry to preach the good news of the everlasting life opportunity (kingdom of God). He also founded a church of God for all those who would believe the good news and want to choose the LIFE. Actually Man earned death by disobeying Creator’s instructions (Law). So the wages of disobeying Creator’s instructions (Law) is death. The disobeying of Creator’s instructions (Law) is called SIN. As the Second Adam already succeeded the SIN so he had to bear the SIN of the mankind. So the Second Adam was punished to death as a penalty of SIN of the whole mankind. As man chose the death so it was established. The Creator raised him from the death. As a result man has got the opportunity to be free from carnal (sinful) mind, able to receive the Creator’s mind (spirit) and can choose the everlasting life. Then Second Adam ascended to the very throne of his father Creator.

                    If any man repents by accepting the Second Adam’s the good news of the everlasting life opportunity (kingdom of God) then he will be renewed in mind and will be given the gift of Creator’s mind (spirit) upon the baptism in the name of the Second Adam. Then he will be able to walk according to Creator’s instructions (Law) by the faith of Second Adam. The man and the Creator will become ONE in mind (spirit) as the character of the Creator will be developed in him. All the members of the church of God will be nourished through the Creator’s mind (spirit) until the Second Adam joins them in his second coming. The Second Adam proved that the man will be able to born (at resurrection) into the family of the Creator and can become the heir of the HIS throne. The Creator will make sure that the MAN will be free to select his own choice of way of life before he die actually (second death).


3. ..that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: Revelation 12:9

                    According to the Bible….The Creator created the vast endless universe. Before Man the Creator created countless angels. Angels are spirit beings with free moral agency, with no death and lives forever (immortal). The Creator gave training and put them in a special job on the earth. So, the pilot project earth was begun with some angels led by a leader called Archangel Lucifer. Archangel Lucifer with some angels was rebelled against the Creator’s rule and ruined the whole project earth. The mind and character of all these rebelled angels became perverted and there was no way to repent and change for them. This was a curse they earned on their own. Archangel Lucifer became the Creator’s adversary (Satan). Fallen angels fate was sealed. As a result the whole universe was affected. Since then all these fallen angels are inhibited the planet called earth.

                    Man was unaware of the existence of the fallen angels on this earth. So he was deceived by the same fallen angels to choose the wrong way for his life. But man was created as mortal and that made possible for the change of mind upon a true repentance. Influenced by Satan and his followers the man created the whole civilization. He started discovering the created universe (called science) and started worshiping the creation (religion). The Creator saw the man’s inability to understand beyond the visible creation, so he sent his messengers to teach and educate the man about the angelic creation from time to time.

                    According to the Bible, Satan is called the God of this Age and the prince of power of air. He and his followers can influence the man’s moods and can put the thoughts in the mind of man directly. This is where the invisible Satan is able to deceive the man successfully without any clue to him. Without the Creator’s help through his holy mind (spirit) no man can escape from the Satan's power. As a result, man became carnal minded. The Creator is offering his holy mind (spirit) as a gift through his son to all the mankind. So that Man can overcome the evil influence and can choose his own way of life consciously.

2. Carnal mind

                    According to the Bible….Man was made in the image of the Creator. He looks like the Creator but he was not a born child. The Creator’s purpose or requirement is very huge. The Creator actually came to a conclusion that without HIS very own character (based on love) built in man; the purpose will not be fulfilled. So he had decided to recreate himself in a creature called MAN. So Man was given a mind (spirit) to live as a free moral agent. With this, man was able to communicate with the Creator. No other creature was blessed with this mind. Character is not a creatable thing, it is to be developed. So there is a risk involved in giving the mind to the man. Man was created as mortal and that made possible for the change of mind upon a true repentance. What a beautiful design. There was a reason for this. Fallen angels already present in the place where man was created and deployed. Man has to develop the character that the Creator was looking for his purpose.

                    Man was unaware of the existence of the fallen angels. So he was deceived by the fallen angel and chose the death instead of life.  Still mankind doesn’t know how the fallen angels are deceiving them. Man used his mind but failed to apply the Creator’s given instructions. So the battle started in the mind of man whether to apply the Creator’s instructions or to apply fallen angel’s instructions. Man was driven out from the Creator’s site as his fate was sealed.  

Man’s madness of mind was started in the absence of the Creator’s instructions. Man’s mind has been gaining all the information based on his 5 senses, which is fully earthly knowledge. He didn’t have any other way. He built the whole civilization based on that. The Creator sent his messengers to give the knowledge in time to time but man was not in a position to receive them. Man had developed a character (carnal mind) based on earthly knowledge. The Creator is giving a final opportunity as a gift through his son to choose life again. At this stage man has again a choice to make, life or death. The Creator is ready to forgive and change(renew) the mind and character upon a true repentance.


1. Whether men want to live or die, the Creator wants us to choose consciously but not being deceived.

                According to the Bible….Man has been created in a special way and for a special purpose. Man has so many special characteristics which no other living creature has. But the Creator did not want to reveal the man's purpose and destination directly. Why? We can understand this if we get full knowledge on the angels. The Creator revealed--on what condition man can live surely forever or surely die. Nothing else was revealed that time. Deciding man's life span (fate) was key thing in the whole matter. The Creator had created man in a special way that every other created creature was very curious to see and know the state and future of Mankind.
The Creator wanted man to select his own fate so he created him as a free moral agent. He did not want to decide for him. The Creator gave all the necessary information that required for him to select the way that leads to life. First man had failed to choose the way that leads to life. Instead he had selected the way some angels had selected. In fact man was actually wanted not to die but selected a wrong choice. So, the Creator cast out man from his site. Then man has built his own civilization. Man’s mind is always revolving around his own civilization that he had built for so many years. The Creator’s purpose has gone from his memory long ago. But the Creator knew that Man had been deceived to select the way that he was selected, not of his own choice and will. So, the Creator had not finished with man yet because man had not deliberately selected the way of his own will. So Man still has his chance to live. That’s why the Creator had sent many messengers and also his only son to give the knowledge to all the mankind time to time so that mankind can free to select his own choice of way of life. That’s every person’s right to choose. The Creator will make sure that man will be free to select his own choice of way of life before he die actually (second death). Finally the Creator is going to see his own choice of people for his mind boggling purpose.