03/04/2011 14:42


·       Darkness is the absence of  knowledge or information.

·       Darkness is in the heart.

·       Darkness will lead to weakness.

·       Weakness will lead to laziness.

·       Laziness will lead to corruption.

·       Corruption will lead to death.

·       Death is absence of  life.

·       Almost all people together are walking in the darkness.

·       Information is the reason for the being of you and everything around you.

·       The absence of the darkness is the light.

·       The light is equal to the true knowledge/information.

·       Intelligence is acting upon the true knowledge.

·       Light will bring the life.

·       Life brings happiness forever.

·       Jesus came to teach the true knowledge/information.

·       Jesus is the master educator.

·       Jesus is the light of the world.      

By Vijay Panta

Note:  No Brain No Gain.