Unpopular Message

25/08/2011 14:59

                 Jesus proclaimed a message. He said it was the truth. Intellectuals and scholars at that time were not accepted the message. The message was very new and totally contrary to the understanding of people at that time. It was an unpopular message. For that cause this world sentenced Him to death. Then the message has had suppressed. But the message was never destroyed completely. It had passed on through the centuries.

Plain truth: Message

                Jesus announced good news about the future kingdom of God. He said that he was the only son of the one only God. He came to call everyone to the kingdom of god. He said that the human race is living in the wrong ways from beginning. He said, all our ways are against the creator God. All our thinking revolves around earthly benefits. We have corrupted everything in this world with our carnal thinking. We have decided what is good for us. We have decided for ourselves, what is a family, friendship, love, good and bad with our understanding. We can see the fruits, in front of our eyes, of that thinking. He said, it’s a wrong of life and we need a change of our ways. He died for every one of us to pay the ransom to God for the penalty of our wrong thinking and deeds. Because of that we have opportunity to think holy and act holy as Him. Whoever accepts HIS message and realizes that his thinking is wrong and sinful then HE gives strength to lead a god’s way of life and then entry into the kingdom of god. Whoever rejects HIS message and continues to live in the wrong and sinful way of life, and he won't enter into the kingdom of god instead end up his life in the hell fire.


It is still unpopular message as it was in the days of Jesus.