Your smile

25/08/2011 14:41

You can’t physically hurt someone by smiling. But lets explore ways that smiling can be used as a pretty powerful weapon. Let’s say you have a bully in school or someone who always insults or bothers you. Let’s say you are with some players who are having bad sportsmanship. If they say something mean, what are you going to do? Retaliate? Throw a punch? No! Smile and keep doing what you’re doing. Negative fighting negative just leads to greater negativity. But what can someone who is being mean say when you respond with positivity? We are future kings; we have to learn to love our neighbors, and fighting them isn’t loving our neighbors. Swallow your frown and use your smile to deflect negative attacks.

Real Chistians should make an effort to smile. We’ve been told to be a light to this world. What better way to do that than to enjoy life and smile. We should be so grateful about the things we learn and to be called kings by the living God. Camp is over, but this tool can still be applied. Remember to be happy and enthusiastic and use you best feature: your smile!